We are motivated by the vision of offering consistent excellence in the provision of cosmetic medical services.

Victoria’s Cosmedi Spa was opened by Anne Talbot, a Registered Nurse, in January 2002. Together with Dr Julie Ostberg, a Launceston General Practitioner and Cosmetic Physician, Victoria’s Clinic commenced treatments for:

  • Worry & frown lines
  • Dermal fillers for wrinkles
  • Sclerotherapy for varicose & spider veins
  • Facial veins and facial redness
  • Rosacea
  • Pigmentation removal on the face & body
  • PhotoRejuvenation using a PhotoDerm MultiLight (IPL)
  • Permanent hair reduction using IPL.

Due to the success of the clinic and demand from the clientele, beauty therapy was added to the clinic in March 2005 to enable complete client care. We also travel to 19 Ironcliff Rd in Penguin once every six weeks for procedures such as wrinkle fillers, consultations and sclerotherapy.


We are situated in the Queen Victoria Tower Suite 16, at Number 11 on High St. As it is very easy to become a little lost, please locate the front entrance of the red brick tower building and enter through the sliding glass doors.

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Meet the Staff

Dr Julie Ostberg

General Practitioner, Cosmetic Physician, B. Med Sc. M.B.B.s. Dip. Obst R.C.O.G.

juliePre 1998 – Current: Summerdale Medical Centre as a General Practitioner.

1998 – 2002: Working at Northern Tasmania’s First Cosmedi Spa performing Laser Hair Removal using the Ruby Laser in 1998. Then went on to using the Alexandrite Laser for Hair Removal and the Ellipse Yellow Filter for hair removal and facial vein treatments. Dr Ostberg continued to maintain her General Practice work. At this time Dr Ostberg also commenced working with dermal fillers and injectable treatments for frown lines.

2002 – Present: Victoria’s Cosmedi Spa as a Cosmetic Physician.
Treatments include:

  • Consultations for all your cosmetic medical concerns
  • Referral to Plastic Surgeons
  • Injectable Dermal fillers
  • Injectable Frown Line and Wrinkle Treatments
  • Sclerotherapy and varicose vein treatments
  • Over 10 Years’ experience with IPL & lasers

Anne Talbot

Registered Nurse, Clinic Manager.

anne11974 – 1998: Worked within hospital Surgical and Medical fields.

1994 – 1998: Clinical Nurse Consultant of 33 bed Surgical Suite.

1998 – 2002: Full-time in a Plastic Surgery and Cosmedi Spa –
Establishing and managing a busy day surgery unit specifically for plastic and Cosmetic Medicine.
Volunteer plastic surgery work in developing countries (Borneo & Funafuti) with Interplast.

2002 to – Present: Set up and managing Victoria´s Cosmedi Spa.

Treatments include:

  • Consultation for all your cosmetic medical needs
  • Referral to Doctor Ostberg if necessary
  • Referral to Beauty Therapist if necessary
  • IPL Treatments for Hair Removal, Telangectasias (facial Veins), Pigmentation on the face and body and PhotoRejuvenation
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Over 10 Years’ experience with IPL & lasers


Beauty Therapist

vanessaIn 2008 Vanessa joined the team at Victoria’s Cosmedi Spa as the senior Beauty Therapist. With over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry, Vanessa has gained vast knowledge, respect and experience.
In 2002 Vanessa furthered her studies; completing an Advanced Diploma of Health Science at the University of New England and gaining knowledge to work in Cosmedi Spas. She takes pride in giving clients the utmost of professional care and advice.

“I enjoy helping my clients to relax and enjoy the ultimate beauty experience at Victorias Cosmedi Spa.”

In the past, Vanessa has managed a prominent Day Spa in Launceston and taught Beauty Culture at Private Beauty Schools and TAFE in Launceston.

Janet Manley

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Tattoo Artist

Janet is a cosmetic and reconstructive tattoo artist who works in our clinic once a month. Janet has over 15 years of experience in the aesthetics industry and has trained around the world predominately in the USA. Janet also lectures at cosmetic and plastic surgery conferences around the world. Janet currently has practitioners working in London and Sydney and maintains a close working relationship with some of the leading Plastic Surgeons in both countries. Janet is a full time practitioner and has been involved in writing the National Standards for her industry.



Beauty Therapist

In February 2014 Karen commenced working at Victoria’s Cosmedi Spa as a trainee beauty therapist.Karen-victorias-cosmetic-launceston-Beauty-Therapist
At completion of her Certificate 4 in beauty therapy at TAFE Launceston, Karen was awarded a certificate of outstanding academic achievement.

As a mature-age student, Karen  has found the whole experience of working and learning in the beauty industry to be both challenging and extremely rewarding.

“Having the good fortune to be employed at Victoria’s Cosmedi Spa means that I have every opportunity to share and expand my knowledge and skills within a professional and supportive environment. “

Karen enjoys all aspects of beauty therapy, with clinical facials and massage being of particular interest to her. Karen will be furthering her education in these area in the future.


Beauty Therapist

Rachel completed my Diploma of Beauty Therapy in 2013 and has Rachel-victorias-cosmetic-launceston-Beauty-Therapistbeen a member of the Victoria’s Cosmedi Spa team since that time. Rachel enjoys working in the Beauty Industry and the variety of treatments that Victoria’s Cosmedi Spa offers.

“Eyelash extensions is one of my area of expertise. I plan to continually expand my knowledge and skills within the industry.”

She finds it rewarding helping clients with their needs and assisting them with their skin care using Victoria’s wonderful active skin care products available within the clinic. Rachel has a passion for make-up and enjoy making people feel good about themselves.


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