HydraFacials and CoolSculpting

HydraFacials and CoolSculpting Keep it cool this winter with Victoria’s Cosmedi Spa’s HydraFacial and CoolSculpting. The chilly weather has a way of making us want to snuggle up indoors when in fact, it is the best time to receive beauty treatments. The fact that we spend less time outdoors in the harsh sun means that


Taking care of your skin after a facial Most people opt for facials to try to improve the quality of their skin, achieve a younger look or simply to feel better about themselves. Vitoria’s Cosmedi Spa provides a large variety of cosmetic medical treatments and products in Launceston and Northwest Tasmania. What we offer Our

Can stretch marks be treated?

What are stretch marks and can Stratamark treat them? Most people are afflicted by stretch marks on one or other part of their body. Usually more hidden, these long, narrow lines that form on your skin which it is suddenly stretched, cause no health concerns but do create an aesthetic bother for many. There are

How has cellulite treatment evolved?

Our ability to treat cellulite effectively has improved dramatically due to advances in technologies that are able to safely remove fat from our bodies. When talking about cellulite there is one number that always stands out amongst the half-truths, naysayers and clinical evidence and that number is 90, as in the percentage of women worldwide

Pigmentation Be Gone

Repair and renew skin pigmentation with our state-of-the-art facial rejuvenation treatments. Your skin is one of your most important organs; working as the first line of defence to shield us from the outside world. Pollution, severe weather, dietary imbalances, hormonal changes and age can damage the skin, causing subtle and gradual changes. These changes can