Our ability to treat cellulite effectively has improved dramatically due to advances in technologies that are able to safely remove fat from our bodies.

When talking about cellulite there is one number that always stands out amongst the half-truths, naysayers and clinical evidence and that number is 90, as in the percentage of women worldwide who are affected by cellulite. It is a staggering figure. These numbers seem to have reached epidemic status in the last few decades and it is very clearly something that has affected the modern woman in a number of ways in a society that is constantly demanding that we look like runway models.

A truly modern epidemic

In ‘The Cellulite Cure’, Dr Lionel Bissoon’s best-selling book, the Frenchman chronicles the prevalence of cellulite in the modern age and it may surprise you to learn that the word itself has its etymology in French. What is possibly even more surprising is that the word didn’t even come to prominence until 1973. Upon reviewing cellulite’s somewhat murky and mysterious past, Dr Bissoon concluded that there were 3 major factors that were causing its incredible rise.

Firstly, the diet of the modern woman had changed so significantly, that it was starting to affect their body’s ability to rid itself of the excess being introduced at meal times. Further to that point, there was a dramatic reduction in either their desire or opportunity to exercise. And lastly, the changes in women’s fashion and in particular their undergarments also had an influence in the cellulite becoming more of a household name in society as well as the medical fraternity.

How new technology can help

Even though cellulite is almost a uniquely modern medical condition, we have been able to conceptualise new technologies that can effectively treat its occurrence. In the last decade or so we have made massive strides in the field of cellulite treatments and moreover, we can now treat you more safely than ever before.

Our Z-Wave technology allows us to deliver a series of high-energy radial shockwaves to reduce the appearance of cellulite, stimulate collagen formation and improve lymphatic drainage and skin firmness. By introducing these waves of energy we can destabilise the fat structures and over the course of around 10 treatments of 10-15 minutes each, we give you smoother, firmer, cellulite-free skin.

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