Microdermabrasion offers a completely non-invasive treatment to help restore youth to the face.

Using a rough surface to remove the first layer of skin, microdermabrasion is often referred to as an instant facelift technique and is highly regarded as one of the most cost effective treatments available on the market.

Here at Victoria’s Cosmedi Spa our microdermabrasion treatment uses the latest in cosmetic technology with the Diamond Tone Skin Resurfacing treatment, implementing diamond tip technology to bring forth the vibrant under-layer of skin lingering below the damaged and wrinkled surface.

What do you know about microdermabrasion?

The treatment can be suitable for a handful of different areas of your skin but is generally used on the face. By buffing away the outer layer of the skin, microdermabrasion offers a fresh perspective on cosmetic treatments.

Skin resurfacing techniques stimulate the elastic topmost layer of skin resulting in a healthier firmer appearance. As a great alternative to chemical peels and dermal fillers, the treatment has a heap of perks:

  • Can reduce fine lines
  • Clear acne
  • Reduce noticeable scars
  • No recovery time – just go back to your usual daily routine
  • Skin is freshly exfoliated
  • Skin is plump and clear
  • Leaves skin feeling soft to touch

How to boost your results

It’s important that after your treatment you properly follow all the instructions given to you by our professional team members. By following the instructions carefully, you are able to maximise your results and minimise any damage that you may accidentally do to your skin.

  1. Don’t play with the skin surface. The area that has been treated will be feeling a little raw and it’s essential you are especially gentle otherwise you may cause abrasions to the area.
  2. Since your skin is ultra-sensitive, our professionals will advise you on the most effective, gentle and recovery-friendly skin treatment products that can nurse your skin back to health. Because of the extra care needed, it’s likely your skin is not going to react as well to the regular creams and products you have as home in comparison to the ones recommended by our team member.
  3. Keep out of direct sunlight – your lovely fresh outer layer of skin is likely to be completely untouched by sunlight so for the first little while after treatment it will need to be protected from sun damage while the skin recovers.
  4. Your face may feel a little sore or irritated – these symptoms are fairly normal but where symptoms persist or if you find you’ve accidentally injured your skin, don’t be afraid to contact us at Victoria’s Cosmedi Spa for guidance.
  5. In some cases depending on the your history of skin care and the products you use at home, to optimise results you may need to return a few more times for further treatment.

During your treatment, all these factors and more will be discussed with you! So if you want to refresh your image without the use of needles, chemicals or scalpels, contact us at Victoria’s Cosmedi Spa located in Launceston and find out how we can help you achieve youthful looking skin once more.

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