PICO Genesis

With the latest technology available Victoria’s Cosmedi Spa are able to provide you with youthful and even complexion.

What is PICO Genesis?

PICO Genesis is a strong non-thermal laser and is an ideal treatment for those looking to have a more smooth and youthful appearance. PICO Genesis also treats facial areas that contain sunspots, acne scars, freckles or skin discolouration and any other cosmetic blemishes caused from increased melanin production.

Since PICO Genesis is an alternative facial treatment from surgery, fillers etc., it has become a favourite for those who are looking to quickly and easily remove benign facial blemishes without causing damage to their skin.

Using PICO Genesis

Anyone can use PICO Genesis, nonetheless an initial consultation with someone at Victoria’s will be able to determine the best options available for you.  Treatments on skin area that include freckles, sunspots and even age spots gradually lighten up after a few sessions, however this depends on your lifestyle.

Post-treatment care

After a session some of the short-term effects that may occur include; slight reddening of the skin where PICO Genesis was used, or minor swelling.

Any small effects appearing initially after treatment tend to disappear within a few hours. To help you be as comfortable as possible cold packs can be applied after your PICO Genesis session in order to reduce swelling or redness and provide you with comfort.

It is recommended that you avoid sun baking or using the solarium throughout the duration of your treatment. Make-up can be worn after treatment, however please discontinue using if you find that there is any irritation or inflammation of the skin.

PICO Genesis Treatment

The PICO Genesis introduces a new and gentler option for dermal treatment. After the first session, the skin can be found to be more revitalised, which leads onto a brighter and consistent complexion.

PICO Genesis is the optimal procedure for those who are looking to enhance their skin tone and texture, without causing thermal damage to the surrounding tissue. Producing a lighter and consistent toned skin within 1-2 treatments; other facial blemishes may required a longer treatment period using PICO Genesis.

PICO Genesis Victoria’s Cosmedi Spa

At Victoria’s Cosmedi Spa our specialised staff will be able to provide you with the best outcome of the PICO Genesis treatment.  So you can be carefree and have the beautiful skin you’ve always wished for.

Call us today for a consultation and be closer to having a rejuvenating complexion.







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