Here at Victoria’s Cosmedi Spa in Launceston, Tasmania we offer cosmetic treatments that are able to completely renew your look just in-time for the warmer months.


Not needing to shave

Feeling comfortable and confident in a bikini

 Looking years younger

Sound appealing to you? In our latest blog we’re going to give you the heads up on how we can help you enjoy these 3 lovely yet simple enhancements just in time for summer!

Permanent hair reduction

#1 Imagine not needing to shave

Using the latest in laser technology and expertise, our team at Victoria’s are expertly qualified to provide you with a permanent solution to unwanted hair – laser permanent hair reduction.

Understanding the treatment

As a far safer alternative to a number of other hair removal options, permanent hair reduction in comparison to epilators and wax solutions is faster and less painful.

The treatment will generally play out in the following method:

  • Assessing your skin type and eligibility

If you are new to our practice, it is important for us to first assess a little of your history to determine your eligibility for the treatment. Your personal safety is our priority so we want to get to know a little about you personally prior to the commencement of your treatment.

During this time we will walk you through what you should expect during your treatment, what results to expect after your treatment, and how to care for the treated area.

Make sure when you call to book your appointment that you let us know if you have ever had a laser hair reduction treatment before, because it is likely we’ll give you instructions on when to shave before your treatment to achieve optimal results.

  • During your treatment

Once you are comfortable, we will give you eye protection glasses for your safety. We will place a cool gel over the treated area and glide the laser over the skin, zapping away at the roots of the hairs until the surface area is completely treated.

Once the area has been treated, we will remove the gel along with some of the hair follicles. The majority of the hair will fall away in the coming weeks.

  • Post treatment and the return appointment

You’ll likely feel a little sensitive and irritated for the first 24-48 hours. We will recommend that you avoid exercising and exposing the area to sunshine during this time. Some of the hair will likely return so in about 4-6 weeks you will need to arrange a return appointment.

Generally it takes around 6-10 treatments for the hair loss to be permanent but the results will be better and better after every visit!

cool sculpting

#2 Imagine feeling comfortable and confident in your bikini

There truly is nothing worse than finishing off winter with a bunch of awkward lumps and bumps. Here at Victoria’s Cosmedi Spa, we were the first cosmetic clinic in all of Tasmania to adopt Cool Sculpting technology.

Understanding the treatment

“Say goodbye to muffin tops and love handles with no down-time and no need for needles or surgery.”

The Cool Sculpting treatment offers a safe alternative for patients with unsightly fat bundles. As a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved treatment, Cool Sculpting could potentially be the perfect treatment for you.

Take a look at our Cool Sculpting short video for more information:

After assessing your eligibility and filling you in on the treatment process, we will position the suction device against your body. This will draw out the bulge between the two cooling panels as shown in the video and after a specific amount of time (depending on the area you are treating) the treatment process will be over.

The results will be noticeable typically in as little as three weeks and will continue to improve over the following months as your body flushes away the fat cells. After about 4-6 months the process should be complete.

Active & static wrinkles

#3 Imagine looking years younger

There are generally 2 different types of wrinkles visible on the face – active wrinkles and static wrinkles. Static facial wrinkles are the wrinkles that are visible when the surrounding muscles are relaxed and active wrinkles are the lines that appear when the muscles are in use.

Static Wrinkle Treatment

As one of the more apparent signs of aging, “resting wrinkles” can be resolved with a single or a combination of different treatment methods.

Ranging from active creams to dermal fillers or even laser treatment, during your appointment we will assess your condition and eligibility and discuss the most appropriate course of action suitable for you.

Active Wrinkle Treatment

Most commonly, active wrinkle treatments are used to relax and restore your features to a naturally youthful looking appearance. Using several small injections, Cosmetic Physician Dr Julie Ostberg and our registered nurses can relax the muscles that cause the wrinkles to appear when you smile or frown.

Do you want to look as young as you feel?

Free yourself from the burdens of unwanted hair, unsightly bulges and age just in time for summer here at Victoria’s Cosmedi Spa. By opting for treatment at Victoria’s, we can guarantee that you will receive only the best reception and care throughout your treatment process.

Book an appointment with our Launceston clinic today and make your dream body a reality. 

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