Hair can be an embarrassing and awkward burden for a lot of women…

Unwanted hair growth can be a “hairy” issue to deal with. Images of flawless celebrities flooding the media, with their hairless, toned and smooth bodies can often have us second guessing ourselves and doubting our appearances. Despite the fact that the ideal modern woman is apparently one without hair anywhere except the head, most women experience hair in a lot of nooks and crannies such as near the nipples, on the face and the torso. Growing hair in seemingly strange places is nothing to be embarrassed and is actually a common natural occurrence. However, if you, like most women feel self-conscious due to unwanted hair there are technological options for you to stop or reduce your hair growth without the incessant need to wax, pluck and shave.

At Victoria’s Cosmedi Spa in Launceston we believe that having undesirable hair is not just a cosmetic issue, as it can lead to emotional alternations such as depression or low self-esteem. In the clinical world excessive hair due to a hormonal imbalance is known as hirsutism. This hair can appear in any form and in any place, although it is often a soft, translucent cluster of hairs often around the face or neck.

Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical clinic have dedicated themselves to the beautification of women and men, including hair removal, anti-wrinkle treatments, beauty therapy and laser skin rejuvenation treatments. Our Tasmanian clinic has professionals with over 15 years of experience who can help banish all of your body concerns through our extensive range of treatments, from the most innovative to the most trialed and trusted.

IPL Technology can help banish hair for good…

IPL technology has skyrocketed in the last decade and is used as a treatment to remove unwanted hair from the body. IPL stands for intense pulsed light, and it offers a non-invasive and long lasting solution to hairy problem areas. The IPL laser works by sending high intensity, focused pulses of light which penetrate the skin and damage the follicle’s potential to create new hair. Photo epilation has been used for a long number of years with successful results, and despite the light pulses damaging the hair follicle’s production ability, the light does not damage the surrounding tissue area.

How many treatments do I need?

How many treatments you require depends completely on the hair density that your body has. Some cultures are known to have heavier hair concentrations (such as people of Turkish and Middle Eastern descent), and some people just simply have more hair for one reason or another. This is nothing to worry about, although you might require a couple more treatments than somebody with less hair. Most people take up 5 treatments, while somebody with a larger amount of hair may require up to 9 treatments for optimum results.
Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical clinic located in Launceston has been a trusted provider of a variety of beauty and cosmetic procedures for a number of years. We have a number of professional clinicians with years of experience and who are dedicated in beautifying your body in any way that you desire.

If you would like to find out more about our IPL laser hair removal treatment, or any of our other treatments from our extensive range, please visit us at our Launceston clinic or contact us.

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