Recently a fast, effective varicose vein treatment has been created by an American surgeon

In a country that has a relaxed beach culture it can be difficult to be confident when you have spider or varicose veins. Currently in America a surgeon is paving the way for new varicose vein technology by using a procedure that can be performed in just one appointment! Just imagine being able to flaunt those sexy smooth legs at the beach this summer!

The procedure is called ‘Venefit’ and is performed under local anaesthetic, as a catheter must be threaded through the vein so a probe can be inserted. It is as intrusive as it sounds, but the results have been pleasing!

Varicose vein removal in Australia

Until the procedure is deemed safe by our government the technology won’t be able to reach our shores, which means we will not be able to utilise this method of treatment. Instead we at Victoria’s Cosmedi Spa in Tasmania, use a treatment called ‘Sclerotherapy’ where the vein is injected with a small solution via needle which causes the vein to close off and collapse, so it can be reabsorbed by the body.

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If you are feeling distressed, sad or lack confidence about the way you look, we at Victoria’s Cosmetic and Medical Clinic offer a wide range of treatments that will have your confidence soaring.

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