Give yourself an all-natural rejuvenation without the need for surgery, downtime or injections!

How does the Cutera Titan™ work?

Titan heats the dermis well below the skin’s surface with a predictable infrared light. During the procedure, the skin’s epidermis is protected through continuous cooling from the Titan handpiece.

The difference

The light-based platform from Titan provides a uniform distribution of energy for heating the dermis. This results in optimal results with little downtime.


What areas respond best?

The most common areas treated are the jawline, under the chin, and the abdomen; however other areas can also benefit from the use of Titan.

Who can be treated?

During your consultation, we will advise if Titan is the right solution for you. Since the procedure heats the tissue under your skin’s surface, patients of any skin type or age can be treated.

 How many treatments will I need?

Many times, changes will be noticed from just a single treatment. It is common for patients to have two or three treatments over a few months. Here at Victoria’s, we will advise you of how many treatments you will require.


What happens after the treatment?

Immediately after, you may notice some redness and mild swelling in the area. This will subside within a few hours after treatment. For more information following treatment contact us.

What do treatments feel like?

A brief heating sensation will be felt during the treatment. Your physician will advise you of the process and will ensure you are comfortable during the procedure.

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