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Static Facial Wrinkles by Victoria's Cosmedi Spa

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Some of the first visible signs of ageing are those tiny lines on the face that are accentuated with smiling and frowning. As time goes on, these lines become progressively deeper and new ones appear along with them. Without proper care, the lines become visible even when we are not using the muscles that create them – these are called static facial wrinkles.

Static Facial Wrinkles

Static facial wrinkles are best treated with products called dermal fillers. At Victoria’s Cosmedi Spa, we have a range of different types of treatments available, each with varying abilities and suitability.

What type of results do you want to achieve?

Before deciding on the ideal wrinkle treatment, it is important to determine the different types of facial wrinkles you have and what causes them during your initial medical consultation. Once the underlying cause of the wrinkle is determined, a treatment regime can be put in place. Learn more about facial wrinkles from our FAQs or by following the links below to our related articles.

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Static Facial Wrinkles FAQ’s

Active, or dynamic wrinkles, are caused by contraction of muscles that are attached to the overlying skin. Each muscle contraction causes the skin to actively move forming lines between the bulk of the muscle. The most common place for these type of wrinkles are between the eyebrows commonly known as the “frown lines”, across the forehead and on the outer corners or the eyes commonly known as the “crow’s feet lines”. Static facial wrinkles are visible regardless of muscle contraction. Static wrinkles are due to lack of elasticity of the skin caused from age, sun damage (usually from as early as childhood years) smoking, genetics, poor nutrition or from prolonged dynamic wrinkling all come in to effect.

Treatment of these wrinkles can be any one or a combination of things from active topical creams, sun protection and/or multiple treatments of laser, fractionated sub-lative rejuvenation, derma-stamping, intense pulsed light. Wrinkles that cause folds between the nose and mouth (nasolabial folds) may need more invasive treatments, but alternatively these can be camouflaged temporarily by plumping up the lines with dermal fillers.

These products typically last for anywhere between seven to eighteen months depending on the material used and the location of the injection. A combination of dermal fillers and muscle relaxing injections may be needed for some wrinkles or either filler or relaxant injections may be needed on their own.

You may need to have a local anaesthetic injection or anaesthetic cream applied to numb the area but this may not always be necessary. Dr Ostberg will inject a small amount of a dermal filler product just under the wrinkle to fill out the depression. The result is immediate however a small amount of swelling will occur and will likely settle within 24 hours.

The treatment will last from seven to eighteen months depending on the product used and the area placed. The result will wear off gradually and the lines will slowly return to normal. To maintain the effect you may like to repeat the treatment once it has started to wear off.

There will be a little localised redness and swelling that will settle within 24 – 48 hours. However this in not very visible to others and may be covered with makeup. Sometimes a small bruise may appear which will settle within 5 – 7 days and also may be covered with makeup. The area may feel a little lumpy for a few days and this will settle with time.

Static Wrinkle Treatments

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