Are you sick of applying a full face of make up each and every day? Achieve a naturally beautiful look with cosmetic tattooing.

Thanks to advancements in cosmetic technology whatever can be achieved with make-up can be re-created with cosmetic tattooing. If you have faint eyebrows, partial eyebrows or even no eyebrows, a cosmetic tattoo can help. Eyeliner tattoos offer an exceptionally easier alternative: save hours of your week and avoid unsightly smudges. Likewise a lip tattoo can:

  • Add definition and shape
  • Get rid of lipstick bleed
  • Make scars disappear
  • Render your lipstick useless

All of the following can be treated by our visiting cosmetic tattooist Janet Manley:

  • Lip colour
  • Eyebrow definition
  • Eyeliner and scar correction
  • Alopecea or loss of colour in the skin
  • Areola reconstruction after breast reconstruction

The aim for cosmetic tattooing treatment is to last as long as possible, and some skins accept the pigment better than others. Three to five years seems to be the average length of time before noticeable fading occurs. To read more about our cosmetic tattooing treatment, explore our FAQS below.

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Cosmetic Tattooing FAQs

The sensation is better described as irritating rather than painful. Strong anaesthetics are used to numb the area.

Each procedure takes about an hour. However, because Janet does spend a lot of time ensuring the procedures are mapped out correctly, ensure you leave around 2-3 hours for your appointment.

Like all things you pay for quality. Janet’s prices reflect the fact that she has many years of experience, works with plastic surgeons, spends more time on each client than anyone else; and is proud to boast that the quality of her work is second to none.

Full lip colour is just like wearing lipstick 24 hours a day. If you need to change the colour for a special occasion, just apply lipstick over the top. This procedure is ideal for people with a diminishing lip line due to the ageing process, or smoking. This is a complex procedure and only a handful of practitioners attempt it. The lip line can be taken back out past its current position to create the fuller lips we had in our younger days.

Tattooing the eyebrows using a hairstroke method is Janet’s specialty. Most other operators still use the less complicated block or solid technique to recreate eyebrows. The hairstroke technique involves hundreds of individual hairstrokes being weaved into the skin and the end result is a realistic, three dimensional effect that is hard to distinguish from real hair. This technique is highly artistic and requires the bone structure of each individual to be first measured, and then to have the appropriate eyebrow shape accurately mapped out before the procedure commences. It is this time and effort that sets Janet apart from some other places that just rely on you to draw your own eyebrows on.

With age or even certain illnesses we may lose the fullness and bulk of our eyelashes, resulting in less eye definition and the need to use more mascara and eyeliner. Cosmetic tattooing these areas is a nice alternative to having to use mascara and eyeliner and therefore less irritating to the eyes.

Cosmetic Tattooing can include top, bottom or both of the eyelids. It can be a thin line, a thick line, a smudged line or even a tapered line. If it can be created with makeup it can be recreated with cosmetic tattooing. Special anaesthetics are used to make the procedure more comfortable even for the most sensitive eyes.

Now there is a way to get rid of those unsightly scars that have always bothered you! Whether they are skin cancer removal scars, loss of pigmentation from Alopecea, face lift scars, surgical scars, or vehicle accident scars. They can all be permanently camouflaged with cosmetic reconstructive tattooing. In a lot of cases the actual scar tissue will be improved during the process.

Cosmetic Tattooing, Launceston, Tasmania

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