Victoria’s presents the innovative LimeLight Facial treatment for skin redness, sun damage and more.

Cutera developed the LimeLight Facial as a way to treat benign pigmented and vascular lesions in a non-invasive way. The treatment improves your skin tone and imperfections on the surface of your skin that may have been caused by aging and exposure to harmful UV rays.

What areas can be treated and what does the LimeLight Facial do?

The LimeLight Facial is perfect for any part of your face, neck, and décolletage where there are brown spots, tiny veins (telangiectasia) or skin redness. This treatment works very well with low contrast brown spots that may have proved difficult to treat with other methods.

With 3 programs to choose from, your physician can tailor the LimeLight Facial to your particular skin type and only treat the areas of your skin that are affected by brown and/or red pigmentation. It is the heating of the red or brown pigmented cells that causes the therapeutic results.

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Is the treatment painful?

At the point where the pulse of light is delivered, a slight pinching or stinging (similar to the snap of a rubber band) is experienced.  Where vascular treatments are concerned, a cooling gel is recommended for the skin. Typically, there is no need for pain medication or anaesthesia.

How long will the treatments take and how many will be needed?

The LimeLight Facial treatment usually takes less than one hour, although it does depend on the area of your body being treated. Between one and three sessions are generally sufficient to see the desired results. However, for extremely sun damaged skin, you may require additional treatments. Your physician at Victoria’s Cosmedi Spa will discuss this with you at your consultation.

What happens after the LimeLight Facial and when will I see results?

The brown pigmented skin will start to darken straight away, your skin may appear slightly red, and the treated area may become mildly swollen. The swelling varies amongst patients but usually lasts for up to a day. You are able to wear makeup to cover the redness.

Over the course of one to three weeks, the darkened spots will flake off and fade. You’ll find the redness and tiny veins will decrease and your complexion will improve.

Will the redness and spots reappear?

If your skin receives new sun damage, you may find new skin redness, telangiectasia and brown spots appear on your skin over time. They are able to be treated with a LimeLight Facial treatment plan in the same way. It is recommended that you wear broad-spectrum sunscreen when outdoors so that sun damage is minimised.

It is important to note that rosacea is a chronic skin condition and can’t be ‘cured’ by laser or other light sources; however the appearance of rosacea can be improved with LimeLight treatments.

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