We are excited to offer microdermabrasion in Launceston

Microdermabrasion is an incredibly effective, non-invasive alternative to laser or chemical peels, and requires no downtime post-treatment. After just one treatment clients can experience softer, smoother and more radiant skin, with the following benefits:

  • Non-invasive
  • No downtime
  • Improves texture, feel and tone
  • Noticeable changes after just one visit
  • Virtually pain free
  • Non-surgical

What is skin resurfacing and microdermabrasion?

Skin resurfacing can reduce the effects of ageing on our skin. Years of sun exposure and the ageing process takes a toll, creating lines, wrinkles, and changes in texture and colour. Not only is the face a likely victim of these changes, the neck, chest, cleavage, arms, legs and hands may be affected as well.

Microdermabrasion is a treatment that removes dead skin cells, improves texture, feel and tone of the skin. The treatment stimulates the elastic tissue beneath the surface of the skin, resulting in a healthier and firmer appearance. Skin resurfacing treatments are normally administered by a trained clinician, nurse, aesthetician or physician. As an ideal alternative or compliment to chemical peels, the DiamondTome skin resurfacing treatment is non-invasive, virtually pain free and requires no down time after treatment.

Microdermabrasion using a DiamondTome Wand

The DiamondTome Wand effectively removes a subtle layer of skin by gently abrading the skin with natural diamond chips. While this process is in effect, the wand vacuums the dead skin cells away in a hygienic and controlled manner. This treatment is similar to particle dermabrasion and chemical peels in the results achieved:  but The DiamondTome Wand doesn’t have the adverse effects of loose particles, irritation and skin reaction.

The length of time of the treatment and number of treatments vary depending on skin type and condition. Results are gradual but highly effective. Most people experience softer, smoother skin after their first treatment. Treatment series vary depending on the condition being treated and skin type.

Treatment Duration: 60 Minutes | Treatment Cost: $125.00

Microdermabrasion further reading:

 Microdermabrasion: the future of non-invasive cosmetic treatments!


If you are considering treating another zone, Vibradermabrasion offers exfoliation on a range of different areas of the body. The treatment is very fast and comfortable leaving the client with exceptional results.

Vibradermabrasion is unlike microdermabrasion as it does not suction at the skin. Vibradermabrasion involves a paddle being vibrated onto the skin for a more gentle treatment. This treatment is recommended for people with more sensitive, soft skin types. This also works fantastically in conjunction with the Zein OBAGI (ZO Skinhealth) range of skin care.

Treatment Duration: 60 Minutes | Treatment Cost: $125.00


The newest way to ensure that you have the cleanest possible skin treatment is with Microhydrabrasion.

Microhydrabrasion is a system that exfoliates the skin with diamonds while also stimulating and cleaning the skin. It’s a lot like getting your carpets professionally cleaned. To maximize the most effective treatment, Microhydrabrasion uses a system of water and Aloe Vera. We use water to clean and aloe to provide contact cooling and instant soothing. This combination together creates a truly soothing, refreshing treatment.

Treatment Duration: 60 Minutes | Treatment Cost: $125.00

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FAQs – Microdermabrasion Launceston

Sun damaged skin on face, neck, arms, back, legs, hands and shoulders
Age spots on hands and face
Removal of dry scaly skin
Reduction of minor to moderate early aging fine lines
Blending of cosmetic medical or laser treatments
Reduction in acne scarring
Extraction of blackheads and white heads
Minor scar revision
Oily skin
Rejuvenation of skin health
For people on the go, an exfoliation treatment using the DiamondTome Wand offers exceptional benefits. The treatment is ideal for a special event or as a program for overall skin rejuvenation. You will notice after each session an increasingly healthy appearance with your skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed.

We would not treat the following:

Uncontrolled very active acne
Uncontrolled diabetes
Skin Cancer
Viral Lesions or Herpes Simplex
Vascular lesions
Oral blood thinners
Pregnant women
Tattoos – not effective

Microdermabrasion treatments using the NewApeel system is relatively painless and effective. The degree of effectiveness is controlled by a widely adjustable vacuum in conjunction with the varying coarseness of the four wands. Our professional team are specially trained to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment while at the same time ensuring your comfort.

Because exfoliation occurs only as the wand is drawn across the skin in a controlled manner, the NewApeel system is regarded as more gentle than other systems even at the highest settings.

Your skin may look significantly flushed immediately after the treatment but should return to normal in 10 – 30 minutes. Your skin will look and feel smoother and more youthful even after the first treatment and will continue to improve with additional treatments.

Your skin may feel a little dry for the first few days so you may need to moisturise more often than usual during this time.

The application of cosmeceutical product or a resurfacing agent is beneficial. You will be personally advised about what products are most beneficial and what products are best to avoid during your initial consultation prior to treatment. This will enhance the exfoliating properties of microdermabrasion. No tanning of any kind during the series of treatment. Wait two weeks after any injectable filler and wrinkle treatments. Do not wear make-up to appointment.

Microdermabrasion, Launceston Tasmania

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